Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Zombie shootan update

Alright, so today and yesterday I worked on pathfinding for zombies, and smoother movement between clients. Dealing damage is now clientside, so you don't have to aim ahead of the zombie to hit it.

I also got to add some nice 3d walls and models (Which might sound weird because this is originally a 2dimensional game), but they actually look nice.

Tomorrow I'll be planning out how the weapons and classes will work. You'll be able to choose from a variety of classes:

Engineer: You can build stationary machine guns, sentries, doors and barricades, reinforce walls, and other stuff that I'm thinking up
Scout: Overall speed bonus, equipped with light weapons, and you can carry more in your inventory
Hacker: Able to 'hack' open locked doors to gain access to buildings, thus being able to scout for weapons (And maybe food if I add a stamina system)
Heavy: Well, he uses heavy weapons. Slower, but much much tougher.
Marksman: Able to aim a very far ways away with his sniper equipped, maybe lasor sight.
Soldier: All around weapons dude, assault rifles, pistols, nothing too big though.

I'll try to do as much as I can.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Zombie shootan

Well, after a few hours of work, I finally have a working engine of the zombie survival game thing working. So far, zombies follow you around, with their positions are streamed from the server, and it's quite smooth.

They move around obstacles and walls, and you can shoot them (It takes about 7 hits to kill them, will be adding a steady-aim system to make up for it being 2-dimensional, thus there being no headshots)

I'll be going to bed now, tomorrow I'll work on adding a smoother position sending system and different weapons. Eventually I'll get to classes, and salvaging, and looting, but that wont be for a bit.

Thanks for reading.

Streaming the musics

Hello all! I'm in a programming mood, and so I'll be listening to music for a while. If anyone feels like listening, you can connect using "Play URL" in winamp or something similar.

Connect using panchipmix.sytes.net
Will be streaming for 2 more hours or so :D

Mass Email List

I have composed a list of msn/hotmail emails, all for you to enjoy using.
I got them through ways not to be discussed.
Over 1,200,000 emails included.

Check the blog often for more interesting stuff!

Click here to download!


I'm currently developing 2 games, both of them my own, and both of them online.
One is the cliche overused zombie shootan, even though I still haven't seen a very adequate MMO with the same concept.

The other is based around exploration, set in a fantasy world where even the monsters are undiscovered, and are added to your adventure log, which you can take a look at for information on each monster. The map is streamed to the client via server, so the map could be ever-changing.

If you would like to test, or would like more info on either, you can comment here or email me at pan-chips@hotmail.com

Hello everyone!

Im so glad to be seeing everyone here, be sure to visit often!